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Locksmiths handle several different types of keys which can both be the device they are required to repair or to duplicate or the keys they usually use themselves to improve their jobs. A lot of these are intriguing in the way they work and illustrate a bit of the creativity that goes into designing and implementing locks and keys that are hard to forego which in turn provide the required amount of security.

1. Internal Cut
Otherwise known as a laser cut or Sidewinder, Internal Cut is a key having the notches inside a wavy groove in the straight rectangular blade. Typically, the groove is on both sides to ensure the key can be inserted either way up. These are highly durable and not prone to as much deterioration as ‘regular’ keys. Of course, they require a distinct machine to be cut.
2. Four-Sided Keys
These are typically called cross keys or cruciform; do not have a single set of teeth but four which means they resemble a cross when you look right down on them. They are in fact more durable and a lot trickier to pick – as the cruciform is built to control many pins simultaneously. Two-sided keys are also available which only have teeth on both the bottom and top of the blade.
3. Skeleton Keys
Skeleton keys are not keys that we utilize ourselves, but keys that are instruments for locksmiths or robbers – though nowadays they are mostly outdated and not commonly used at all. Skeleton keys (often called passkeys) are keys specially designed to help you open various other locks. This is achievable because the skeleton keys were initially utilized in opening warded locks or ‘church locks’ which simply give the least security and do not have the regular sophisticated pin systems found in the majority of external locks these days. You can recognize skeleton keys by examining the handles which are often either beautifully decorative or just plain.
4. Master Keys
Master keys are amazing considering that they can open various locks. This is more remarkable designing and mastery of the locks and not just the key itself, yet somehow demands lots of thought for those locks to be opened by either the master key or the certain ‘change’ keys, without letting the change keys work on any other locks.
5. Tubular Keys
Resembles hollow cylinders and have divots and notches around the edge. This allows the pins to be driven at 360 degrees consequently making them hard to pick. Even more, they are very durable. These types of keys in their modern version are hard to copy and are usually seen in bike locks and safes.
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  1. I found some lock and keys at my friend’s place over the weekend. I love them and wish to have such too. I will need to come over to see if I would be able to have such too.

  2. I found some lock and keys at my friend’s place over the weekend. I love them and wish to have such too. I will get in touch with you ASAP to see if I could possibly get one too..

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