There are different kinds of locks that a locksmith can work with and which they can assist you with. When we consider locks, we often think of those we are most conversant with that are on our entrance door and need a key before entering. But even such vary and as we can see there are several residential locks that a locksmith has to work with. Here will consider some of the many different locks available which a locksmith help with.

1. Cylinder Lock
The majority of us have Cylinder lock on our back and front door. They are most suitable for external locks as they are well-built and also provide several combinations which make them difficult to pick or open with a skeleton key meant for opening multiple locks. These particular keys easily fit in small barrels that fit onto inside larger cylinders. These go on to include several tiny metal pins that punch out the barrel to help hold it in place. The moment the key slides in, it drives these off the path to the metal cylinder can be turned and the lock is opened. Such keys are known to be round-handled with one particular blade mounted on the handle.
2. Lever Lock
A lever lock is the type of lock you get inside your interior doors. They are much secure but relatively less than cylinder locks with somewhat fewer combinations and being less sturdy in their build. These kinds of keys are those that have the long neck with a blade jutting out ninety degrees towards the end of the neck alongside a round handle on the other end.
3. Padlocks
Locksmiths can likewise assist with padlocks whether they need a key or a combination allowing it to open them without destructing the lock. With combination locks, this is a point of being attentive to the slight clicking sounds made when a wheel features in the right slot, and special devices are often used to quicken this process on much larger locks.
4. Church Lock
A church lock is commonly used on church doors as well as on large gates. Moreover, it is sometimes used indoors on things like drawers and cupboards. Church keys are widely-used here just because they only offer an arbitrary level of security and tend to be more a deterrent than a critical security approach. Therefore, they can be easy for a locksmith to work with who can just bypass them when they break down.
5. Car Doors
Auto Locksmiths are also competent at helping with locks found on motor vehicles and can help you get your car key to work both in the car door as well as in the car engine. People usually do not consider calling a locksmith when dealing with these issues, but they could respond and assist much faster and cheaper than a breakdown service.
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