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In an attempt to reinforce the security of your business or home lots of people turn to hi-tech devices including camera systems, burglar alarms, and electronic access control. Often disregarded are the standard locking systems that keep the door locked. Such locks are the actual security that safeguards a property and precisely what helps prevent robbers on the simplest level. What most people are not aware of is the locks on their entry doors are the weak link in their full security. Utilizing High-Security Locks is truly one of the most effective ways to facilitate this vital security point.
Here are some of the reasons that these High-Security locks protect you better:
Patented Key Control
High-Security locks utilize a restricted keying system. They are protected by patents and can just be reproduced by officially authorized locksmith merchants. These particular keys can also implement signature verification to forbid the key from being replicated by an unauthorized individual. If you’ve ever handed down your keys over to another person (i.e. home keeper, automotive repair, valet, etc.), it’s hard to be certain that they did not duplicate your key. Almost all keys can be duplicated at a neighborhood hardware outlet for less than 2 dollars. A High-Security lock helps to prevent this, allowing you to hold strict control of who has replicates of your office and home keys.

High Resistance to Physical Attacks
High-Security Locks has reinforced strike plates and even sometimes utilizes an interlocking deadbolt. All these security capabilities are quite essential if you are trying to secure your house or business. Most of the burglars see that they can walk up to lots of homes and just kick the door open. The reason is that a large number of homes only use the knob lock or a low-cost deadbolt to secure their home, making them a primary target.

Pick Resistance
Typical locks can be easily picked the same way you see on TV. Lockpick Kit can be obtained via the internet without any hassle and with minimal practice; you can be opening closed entry doors in just a few minutes or possibly mere seconds. High-Security locks utilize several pick-resistant innovations that stop someone from picking the lock.
Lasting Premium Quality
High-Security locks are purely crafted better. They have all steel and brass components inside. High-Security lock has no die-cast pieces that easily break or damaged by an intruder. Using a strongly built lock to secure your entrance door is imperative. Making use of a High-Security lock will make sure that you receive the ideal security and are well protected.
Apply these four key factors when choosing a lock and before purchasing some decorative electronic security device so you can be sure that the physical security is guaranteed first. Time is the burglar’s gravest enemy which means the trickier you make it for them to gain entry the better secured you are.
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  1. I think I will like to have one of these.. Especially now that I can’t fully trust my employees with my keys. Having one of these will prevent any access to duplicate in whatsoever way.

  2. Can Greenville locksmith get me one of these high security locks for my office and I hope there are no effects or negative impacts when it comes to loss of keys. Thanks.

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