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Frequently Ask Question

These are the most common question from our customers:

Faq- Locksmith Greenville SC

Q: Can I get an Extra lock put on my door?
A: Yes, we can add an Extra lock.

Q: What is a restricted key system?
A: A restricted key system prevents the duplication of keys by unauthorized people. All pro locksmith can provide you with a restricted key system.

Q: Why we need High-Security locks and why we need them?
A: High-security locks are pick proof and drill resistant. High-security locks are more expensive, but it’s worth it. Remember, investing one-time money on good products that will protect you and your asset.

Q: Can a locksmith make a car key?
A: Yes All pro locksmith will come to your location and will provide you with a new key on the spot.

Q: We just moved into a new Apartment / Home /Commercial Building, should I re-key or change the locks? 
A: We highly recommend rekeying or changing your locks. You never know who has your key it could be a realtor or a construction worker.

Q: Can a locksmith unlock my house door without damaging my door locks? A: In most cases, All pro locksmith can get into your house without any damage to your locks unless it is a high-security lock, however, we will get you in quickly and safely.

Q: I want all my locks to be on the same key is it possible?
A: Yes, we make all the locks work on one key, however, in very few cases we may have to change some of the locks.

Q: How long have you been in business?
A: All pro locksmith has been in business since 1995

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